All About Accelerated Orthodontics

We’re proud to offer our patients accelerated orthodontics using a device called AcceleDent® Aura. It’s designed to work with Invisalign®, Invisalign® Teen and braces to accelerate tooth movement.

AcceleDent® is a hands-free device that takes just 20 minutes a day. Simply bite into the AcceleDent® Aura mouthpiece and it delivers small micro-pulses similar to an electric toothbrush.

It’s easy, comfortable and quick. Most patients report they experience little discomfort using this system.

The AcceleDent® Aura was clinically proven to move teeth up to 50% faster in a U.S. clinical trial.

We carefully consider new orthodontic treatments before recommending them to our patients.

Dr. Kaplan researched the clinical data and case reports from orthodontists who have used AcceleDent® since its introduction in 2009 in the UK as well as Australia, Spain, Italy, France and South Korea.

Dr. Kaplan knows that AcceleDent® works with significant benefits to our patients including increased comfort coupled with decreased treatment time.

It’s designed to be fast, gentle and safe for both adult and children.

Please ask any member of Team Kaplan Orthodontics about the benefits of AcceleDent® Aura.

For more information visit or download this information sheet: AcceleDent Aura Product Information Sheet.