4-month progress!
Post by: / February 26, 2014

4-month progress!

I have recently hit the 4-month mark since having my braces put on! It feels like it has come around really fast!

So, the assistants changed my wires to 14×25 wires. These are a different shape wire than the first few sets of wires I have had in place. The wires I have had in place until now have been round. The new wires are now rectangle.  These will lock into the brackets better than the round ones; which in turn will really help the rotation I have in many of my teeth. The rounded wires had to be used first to move my teeth into the optimal position to get the most out of these new stronger rectangle wires.

I could feel them working within a minute of having them put in! I am so excited to see the change in my teeth and how they move with these stronger wires!

Have a great week!