This Smartphone App Makes Brushing Fun!
Post by: / May 28, 2015

This Smartphone App Makes Brushing Fun!

We all love our smartphones, these devices make our lives easier in so many ways, so we are rarely seen without on in hand! But did you know that your smartphone could also help you keep good oral hygiene habits?

How Long Do YOU Spend Brushing Your Teeth?

Plaque is soft, but it hides away in nooks and crannies. So does left over bits of food! And while we’re wearing braces, there are even more cozy hideaways for that plaque. This is why it is so important to brush for a full TWO minutes every time you brush your teeth. It simply takes that long to thoroughly clean every corner of your mouth! Brushing harder, for a shorter period of time, will not get the same results, sadly!

If You Find That Brushing For Two Full Minutes Is Hard…then we have the solution!

Those two minutes of brush time will go faster if you’re jamming out to one of your favorite tunes! Brush DJ is a free smartphone app that will play 2 minutes of music from your own music library, shuffling songs each time. It also has a visual display guiding you on where to brush and for how long.

Brush DJ even lets you set reminders to change your toothbrush, floss and keep your regular dental appointments. How awesome is that!?

Click here to go to the Brush DJ website where you can check out the app and download it for free!

Happy Brushing! We want to know your favorite song to jam to while brushing? Leave a comment below…